Box Cleaning Service; boxen wassen; pallets wassen; kratten wassen;   Box Cleaning Service (BCS) | Baarlo (NL)  
  BCS cleans, repairs and transports your crates, pallets and boxes.  
  BCS offers you:
  • Swift and correct cleaning according to HACCP norms
  • Complete service by also taking care of transportation, repairs and inventory management
  • Reliable partnership, where service and quality have the highest priority.
  •   Cleaning specialists
  • Cleancircle is an interdisciplinary initiative. Take a look at what each of these companies can do for you.

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      Wasto-PAC; kratten wassen; duitsland; kratten wassen duitsland;  Plastic Repair Service (PRS)| Nijmegen -
          Weurt - Beuningen (NL)
                    Wasto-PAC; kratten wassen; duitsland; kratten wassen duitsland;   Wasto-PAC | Erftstadt (D)       
      PRS has much experience in the field of repairing plastic
    packaging, pallets, pallet boxes, trolleys and more.
                  Wasto-PAC cleans and repairs reusable transportation     packaging and plastic pallets according to HACCP norms, and also provides cleaning installations.  
      PRS offers you:
  • Tailored service, through the use of trained professionals.
  • Repairs at any preferred location (mobile service)
  • Certified by the DVS*
  • plastic welding according to DVS* specifications.
    *DVS = Deutscher Verband für Schweissen und verwandte Verfahren e.v.
  •   Wasto-PAC offers you:
  • Professional cleaning of your products
  • Complete washing installations at your location are possible
  • Repairing plastic packaging
  • Transport from and to the cleaning site possible
  • Rental & sales of plastic pallets
  • Web based administration and overview of your products.
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